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Tailoring Process

Silvalea has a long-standing history of bespoke and customised products. Working alongside healthcare professionals and carers on the most complex patient transfer cases has enabled us to build up an extensive database of successful designs. Coupled with our innovative tailoring and unique fabrics we truly offer world-class customisation service in the field of patient transfer slings.

In 1993 Silvalea were the first to introduce the concept of in-situ slings into the United Kingdom by launching our Parasilk range, closely followed by our unique and exclusive fabric Silva-Superfine for tight moulded wheelchair in-situ use.

In-situ solutions can be tailored specifically to the individual's wheelchair matrixes and the most complex of body shapes, ensuring optimum client comfort and safety.

The Silvalea team have a vast amount of both manufacturing and application knowledge ensuring we can provide a real problem-solving solution. With an extensive worldwide distribution channel our customised slings are now available in many different countries so please contact us to find your local distributor.

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Live and interactive e-assessments are provided to even the most remote of locations and can easily be arranged to help offer advice and assistance with patient transfer scenarios.

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