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Since 1993, Silvalea has been at the forefront of the patient sling market, designing and manufacturing a wide portfolio of transfer solutions. Our speciality is our complex patient transfer slings and in-situ slings, as well as providing a range of everyday standard slings, transfer accessories and stand-assist transfer products. The comprehensive offerings of Silvalea are founded in over 25 years of innovation in fabric and design, designed to address the specific needs of patient and caregiver alike.

During our history we have manufactured for a range of leading hoist manufacturers across the world, and our experience enables us to create bespoke sling ranges for own-label customers.

Today, Silvalea is proudly part of the Savaria Corporation with North American distribution of its products through Span. A wide range of Silvalea-designed slings will be manufactured at Span’s U.S. facility offering fast lead times and locally made products.

Whether the need is complex or an off-the-shelf sling, Silvalea has a solution.

Silvalea Launch

The company was established by Pauline Guilfoyle and her daughter Lynne Guilfoyle-Timm in 1993.

Since 1993 Silvalea have built up a strong network of respected medical professionals, such as occupational therapists, caregivers and wound-care nurses. A network of professionals who specialise in the ‘safe moving and handling of individuals’ in paediatric, geriatric, acute, veteran, amputee and disabled care. This has meant that Silvalea have been able to work collaboratively with medical specialists in order to develop and innovate, respected specific products which meet the demands and the high performing expectations of such a group, whilst delivering on patient safety, comfort and dignity.

In-Situ Sling Range

First in-situ sling range launched into the UK market.

Silva-Superfine COOLMAX® Launch

Silvalea launch the Silva-Superfine, a lightweight but durable Coolmax mesh, perfect for in-situ use and thin enough to fit behind the tightest of moulded wheelchairs and seating equipment.


Silva-Superfine® PLUS Introduction

Silvalea extend the Silva-Superfine range to offer the Silva-Superfine® PLUS (spacer) with Coolmax® technology.

Silva-Superfine Plus with Coolmax® technology

Universal D-anserclip® Launch

Silvalea launch the new D-anserClip®. A safety transfer clip which is universal to fit all the leading hoist manufacturers across the UK and European markets. Its simple "click-on click-off" action ensures a physical click is heard when engaging the clip to the hoist without any moving parts.

Silvalea launch the new D-anserClip

Silvalea introduced the Silva-Safety Slot®

Silvalea launch the Silva-Safety Slot®. A unique and fully patented replacement for standard loops. The sleek, strong design can be wiped clean and helps reduce the risk of loops being caught in machinery during transfers.

Silvalea proudly join the Savaria Corporation. A global leader in accessibility solutions, Savaria manufacture products that help people maintain their personal mobility. Savaria provide industry-leading benefits for both institutional and home use and their design innovations include better battery technology, a SureClip system for improved attachment safety, and overall simplicity of operation.

Introduction of Savaria Hoists

Silvalea add the Savaria lifters and all accessory products to its product offering across the UK, Europe and Australasia marketplaces.

Silvalea add the Savaria lifters and all accessory products to its product offering across the UK, Europe and Australasia marketplaces