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    • A friction-reducing device that remains in-situ to assist with care receiver repositioning, boosting and turning in bed
    • The Swift® In-Bed Repositioning System features two elements, the Swift® Slider and the UtraSlide® Bottom Sheet, which work together to support repositioning and turning manoeuvres in bed
    • The breakthrough WhooTex® fabric ensures a soft, comfortable feel against the skin
    • The low friction backing allows care practitioners to reposition a patient safely and easily whilst the breathable construction helps to avoid heat build-up
    • The Swift® Slider's thin profile will not impair the performance of alternating air pressure reducing mattresses and can therefore remain on the bed when not in use (tucked in), making it readily available when required
    • Swift® Slider with Handles run inset down two lengths & can be used to hook up to a hoist spreader bar
    • With handles to attach to a hoist if needed, offering multidirectional movement
    • All 3 sliders are suitable for both standard and bariatric application.