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    • Long lasting: Lithium-Ion Battery, longer battery life of at least 5 years
    • More cycles on one charge: 50% more cycles than industry average
    • Quicker charging time: less than 2 hours for complete charge
    • Greener: no lead acid disposal issues and longer battery life
    • Power: fast lift speed
    • Warranty: 3 years on battery and spare parts
    • Easily movable: can be unhooked and moved to another room easily
    • Durable handset: splash resistant
    • Emergency: on/off shut down switch
    • Hoist Reacher: available for ease of application to the gantry
    • SureClip System: Safety catches on spreader bar open outward to help stop the hoist loop from slipping away from the hoist during attachment
Lithium vs. lead acid
Lithium vs. lead acid

Power and strength without the weight:

    • Lithium is 4x more powerful & 4x lighter than lead acid

More lift cycles
More lift cycles

Pain point #1: “The lift has dead batteries all the time”

    • Expect to use the lift 80 cycles with a 200 lb/90kgs person on one charge
    • Quick charge in 30 minutes, or 2 hours to charge from 0%

Long-lasting power
Long-lasting power

Pain point #2: “The lift often needs service”. Average battery lifespan:

    • Lead acid (12-24 months)
    • Lithium-ion (5 years)