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    • For Monarch bariatric fixed hoists
    • SureClip System: Safety catches on spreader bar open outward to help stop the hoist loop from slipping away from the hoist during attachment
    • Provides enhanced patient positioning: for comfort during transfers
    • 3 Safe Working Loads available:

      • 363kg
      • 454kg
      • 544kg
Lithium vs. lead acid
Lithium vs. lead acid

Power and strength without the weight:

    • Lithium is 4x more powerful & 4x lighter than lead acid

Long-lasting power
Long-lasting power

Pain point #2: “The lift often needs service”. Average battery lifespan:

    • Lead acid (12-24 months)
    • Lithium-ion (5 years)

More lift cycles
More lift cycles

Pain point #1: “The lift has dead batteries all the time”

    • Expect to use the lift 80 cycles with a 200 lb/90kgs person on one charge
    • Quick charge in 30 minutes, or 2 hours to charge from 0%