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Universal D-anserclip®

Our D-anserclip® universal stud fixing allows for greater hoist compatibility and is suitable for use on stud/clip fixing spreader bars. Simple click on and click off action giving a secure lift to both caregiver and end user. The patented universal clip has an increased safe engagement action designed to locate safely on a variety of stud sizes.

Unlike other clip fixings on the market the D-anserclip® will work with a variety of studs across a broad range of hoist manufacturers such as: Arjo®, Opemed, Trixie, Horcher, Helping Hands, Allegro Concepts, and Oxford spreader bars.

Allowing end-users to use their sling in multiple locations as the clip will fix to a range of stud fixings sizes. Freeing the client to be assessed in different locations such as home, school, day centre and respite using the same sling.

SILVALEA’S D-anserclip® has been specifically designed to produce a physical sound at the point of engagement alerting the care giver that the fixing is attached securely.

Our universal clip is unique among clip fixing alternatives as it features loaded jaws as a safety precaution to prevent the clip from detachment whilst under-load. When applied to the fixing the spring loaded jaws have a snap action which signals the clip has been located successfully.

The clip jaws for engagement are secured within the body of the clip, there are no external parts which could be damaged during washing or storage.

This patented clip has been rigorously cyclic tested, for weight/load, material integrity, component performance and stress. Ensuring a long life cycle and safety for the duration of the sling use.

D-anserclip® exclusively licensed to Silvalea ltd

Fits a multitude of hoists with click on and click off action:

• Opemed
• Trixie

• Horcher
• Helping Hands
• Allegro Concepts
• Oxford

... to name but a few.

D-anserclip® is a registered trademark of D-ansermed Ltd. Silvalea Ltd is the exclusive licensee of the trademark. Silvalea Ltd has been granted the exclusive right to supply the D-anserclip® under license by D-ansermed®. Copyright and Design Rights: Silvalea Ltd. Protection: Patent Granted GB1307444.8 Community Design Registration Number: 002210559
Arjo® is a registered trademark of the Arjo Group of companies