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Sling & Hoist Compatibility

Silvalea Ltd have manufactured slings and manual handling products for hoist manufacturers Worldwide for over 25 years. Interchangeable slings have been an issue for many healthcare professionals, however a full risk assessment, conducted by a competent assessor (LOLER 1998/PUWER 1998), on the use of interchanging slings could provide a solution for an end user.

Guidance on risk assessments and competency can be found under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998)

Silvalea governs its research, design and manufacturing towards the guidelines set out in ISO 10535:2006: Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons - Testing requirements.

All design and testing information is electronically documented and stored under our obligation to release information when requested, to our governing body; The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and any other relevant authority body. Silvalea follow the British Standard Directive ISO 9001; which covers both manufacturing and design quality standards.

  • Silvalea certification number is: FM35946.
  • All products, where applicable, carry a CE (Conformity European) mark. Silvalea CE Certificate Number: CA016767 following guidelines set out by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) under the ‘Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (2002)
  • Silvalea products are classified as a Class 1 medical device.
  • Silvalea products fall under the GMDN (Global Medical Device Nomenclature) database.
  • GS1 company prefix number is 506040783.
  • FDA Registration number: 3008720499.
  • Unique Device Identification (UDI) Protocol is a worldwide system to help improve the identification of medical devices, to ensure the identity of the manufacturer or distributor of medical devices, along with ensuring the specific details of the devices are identifiable. These measures have been introduced to improve end user safety and ensure medical devices are correctly labelled within the global marketplace and are being adopted by many governing bodies such as MHRA and FDA.

Silvalea take responsibility to uphold the protocols ensuring that their distributors, contractors, hospitals and end users receive products clearly labelled. Guided by LOLER (1998), Silvalea ensure that each product manufactured is safe and fit for purpose, visibly marked with any relevant information required for a safe transfer. This includes the style, the size, thesafe working load (SWL), and a unique serial number for identification. Under the LOLER regulations, a competent assessor should undertake 6-monthly checks.

Supply chain labels are issued to comply with the GS1 labelling requirements to ensure compliance for organisations such as the NHS. Information on how to check a sling, recording your 6-monthly LOLER checks and general advice on caring for the sling can be found on the Silvalea website; www.silvalea.com

Silvalea conduct regular research and testing to ensure that their slings meet with the requirements of the market leading hoists. 

Most slings are suitable for one type of hoist. Loop fixings or Silva-Safety Slot® tapes attach to a standard spreader bar hoist. Clip fixings attach to a stud spreader bar.

The interchangeability of Silvalea slings across different hoist manufacturers should NOT BE ASSUMED. A full risk assessment must always be carried out  by a competent assessor (LOLER 1998/PUWER 1998). Instruction of use are provided with every sling, alongside care and wash instructions.

Always check that the sling is compatible with the hoist that you are before ordering.  Sling compatibility is dependent on the hoist spreader bar type i.e. two-point loop fixing spreader bar for loops/Silva-Safety Slot® or stud (wishbone style) spreader bar for clips.

Public & Products Liability

Silvalea’s insurers provide a combined Public and Products Liability Cover to the sum of £10,000,000, in respect of injury or damage in the use of a sling supplied by Silvalea, for use on hoists.

Insurance statement: ‘They are aware that slings and other equipment, manufactured by Silvalea are designed for and used on hoists and other equipment manufactured by independent companies.  This will not prejudice the cover provided and Silvalea’s legal liability for damage, accident or injury resulting from defects in manufacture or operation of equipment is provided.’

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