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Sizing & Labeling

Correct sling sizing ensures safe, dignified and comfortable transfers for the end user. 

Pre-fitting is recommended before attempting to lift. Most sling manufacturers offer standard sizes of slings with colour coded binding or a colour coded label to indicate sizing types. Not all manufacturers use the same colour code; always refer to the sizing label.

Silvalea colour coding label for sizing:

XXSmall - Orange

XSmall - White

Small - Red

Medium - Yellow

Large - Green

XLarge - Blue

XXLarge - Grey


Sling Identification and Legislative Requirements:

It is a legal requirement or good practice within the industry that each sling manufactured carries its own identification number and carries the following essential information:

Model reference number

Image identification

Sling type


Manufactured date

All testing and certification marks (CE or similar)

SWL maximum load (Safe Working Load)


Inspection label

Individual barcode, serial number & batch number


If the sling loses its label or can no longer be read the sling should NOT be used.

Silvalea where possible uses a woven label to ensure maximum usage and legibility due to general usage, wear and tear.