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Silva® Repositioning Sheet 210 \In stock

Silva® Repositioning Sheet

Popular and extremely versatile solution for repositioning and lateral transfers within a residential/hospital environment.
Silva® Repositioning Sheet
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Lift type - guide
Mobility FIM
Sling shape
Lift Type
Support Type
Full body
Attachment Type
Loop fixing spreader bar
User Physicality
Limited body control
Limited head control
Limited head trunk and hip control
Limited mobility
One size (247 x 132cm)
Weight Limit
Mobility FIM Measure
(Mobility FIM measure only - please see tab for further detail)
Available Material

Popular and extremely versatile solution for repositioning and lateral transfers within a residential/hospital environment. Providing healthcare practitioners with the ability to reposition patients regularly the repositioning sling is frequently used as part of an effective pressure management, helping to reduce and prevent pressure sores. Silva Repositioning Sling offers superior pressure management thanks to its ergonomic design and construction.

Available in a standard mesh for wet environments perfect for shower trolley. Very versatile repositioning aid can be ordered in an in-situ fabric and used as part of the bed make-up.

Specifically designed for optimum patient comfort the Silva Repositioning Sling has been constructed with reinforced tapes from the side of the sling – removing the necessity of webbing straps running completely behind the patient making this repositioning sling even suitable for use with those patients who have skin integrity issues. Can be used as part of the bed make-up when used in combination with a draw sheet.

Repositioning 1

The sheet can be used in a side-lying position to facilitate a ‘log-roll’ movement which will give access for personal care, to change patient’s position for help in assisting with pressure management and is also useful for changing soiled bedding. Can be used with a slide sheet positioned underneath the repositioning sheet to help with the glide and ensuring that the patient is positioned correctly back into the centre of the bed after the turn. 

Repositioning 2

Straps are attached to the spreader bar, patient should be slowly lifted and levelled correctly before repositioning. This procedure will help to assist the caregiver in repositioning the patient higher up the bed.

Repositioning 3

The positioning sling comes with eight tapes plus two head support tapes, which when fully attached to the hoist, creates a supine transfer sling useful for lateral transfers from a bed/stretcher to an operating theatre or diagnostic table.

Available in two material types:
Polyester - Easy application. Glides and slides smoothly, dries quickly after washing. Mesh - Ideal for shower trolleys and chairs.

Wash at 85°C
Do not tumble dry

Silva® is a registered trademark of Silvalea Ltd

Lift type - guide

Lift Type: KEY

Active – end user is active and can participate in transfer

Passive Lift – end user can maintain passivity or has limited mobility

Extensive – end user has limited body control and/or suffers from extreme extensions

Mobility FIM

Functional Independence Measure

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scale assesses physical and cognitive disability. This scale focuses on the burden of care – that is, the level of disability indicating the burden of caring for them.


1. Transfers: bed/chair/wheelchair 
2. Transfers: toilet
3. Transfers: bathtub/shower
4. Transfers: car
5. Locomotion: walking/wheelchair 
6. Locomotion: stairs
Sling shape

Approximate visual representation of sling design.


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