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Company History

Silvalea is one of the best known names in patient sling manufacturing in the UK, with a heritage dating back to 1993. Silvalea is synonymous with innovation, quality and revolutionary design. Providing not just legendary quality and product innovation such as the first Parasilk fabric for In-situ slings, Silvalea is a market leading brand who provide unrivalled support services in; homecare, schools, extended care and acute markets. Providing specific product training, assessment support and advice to hospitals, schools residential, charities, societies and special interest groups alike.  

The company was established by Pauline Guilfoyle and her daughter Lynne Guilfoyle-Timm in 1993.

Since 1993 Silvalea have built up a strong network of respected medical professionals, such as occupational therapists, caregivers and wound-care nurses. A network of professionals who specialise in the ‘safe moving and handling of individuals’ in paediatric, geriatric, acute, veteran, amputee and disabled care. This has meant that Silvalea have been able to work collaboratively with medical specialists in order to develop and innovate, respected specific products which meet the demands and the high performing expectations of such a group, whilst delivering on patient safety, comfort and dignity.

The research and development team is based at the company’s head office in the South West of England where each sling is designed and rigorously tested before being released into main stream manufacturing. Each patient handling product has been tested/assessed to meet guidelines, standards and testing criteria, set out by the United Kingdom, European Union and British Standards. Silvalea is fully BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

Silvalea is able to offer a bespoke manufacturing service which facilitates even the most complex and difficult patient transfers, so even the most challenging medical condition can be met with quality, safety, dignity and grace. Silvalea’s specialised bespoke manufacturing service is also based at the company’s head office in the South West of England and the department is supported by pressure point and load measurement technology.

The company is as committed today as they have ever been, in the manufacture, research and continued development of manual patient devices to provide unmatched and unrivalled quality, blended with business excellence.