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Fabrics, Materials & Construction


Silvalea use a Polyester as a standard material for our sling manufacture. One of the benefits of Polyester is that it is easy of application. The nature of the material means it glides and slides smoothly and also dries quickly after washing.
SWL = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs

Heavy Duty Polyester

Silvalea has specifically selected this heavy duty Polyester not just for ease of application but to also provide a more robust solution for bariatric transfer. This enduring material is also used in our continental range due to its rigidity.
SWL = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs

Basic Mesh

Our high density open weave Mesh material is extremely durable and is mostly used for bathing, the open weave allows water to quickly drain away allowing the material to dry quickly after use.
SWL = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs

Silva Quick-2-Apply®

Extremely easy to apply low friction flexible fabric, lightweight and durable. Excellent for the application and retrieval of slings in the tight confines of wheelchairs and their like.
SWL = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs

Silva-Superfine® PLUS

Silvalea have specifically sourced and developed the use of this ‘spacer fabric’ for end users who may have skin integrity issues. This multi stretch fabric made of three dimensional mesh adapts to the end user’s body shape. Ideal In-situ use* and can be used for bathing. Dries quickly and can be tumbled at a low heat without shrinkage.
*Paired with the specific In-situ sling type/design. Risk assessment should always be carried out in reference to skin integrity for In-situ slings.
SWL = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs

Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX®

Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX fabric has been developed by Silvalea to integrate many challenges in one; In-situ comfort, durability, two way stretch to hug the end user and COOLMAX fabric to reduce skin temperature and move moisture away from the body. Ideal for bathing, dries faster and can be tumbled at low temperatures. The fabric is a cool Mesh and has been developed to be used in moulded chairs and for applications that can sustain high movement patterns and extensions.
SWL = 64kgs/10stone/140lbs


Silvalea construct all slings and patient transfer aids with a range of features; clips, straps and fabrics to ensure safe, comfortable, and dignified transfers. Each sling is specifically designed and constructed to withstand different transfer scenarios and each sling/transfer aid strictly adheres to standards set out in International Standard 10535 for testing and are manufactured/designed to British Standards BS EN ISO 9001. This means that Silvalea construct their products to the highest level to ensure maximum patient safety and comfort. All Silvalea products are classified as Class 1 medical devices.

Silvalea strives to improve and innovate by constantly improving their sling range. The R&D department currently carries over a 1000 sling construction blue prints and are always seeking new ways to assist with patient transfer.

Silva Quick-2-Apply® and Silva-Superfine® are registered trademarks of Silvalea Ltd

COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.