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Cylindrical Slide Sheet 14.4 \In stock

Cylindrical Slide Sheet

The cylindrical sheet is manufactured from a low friction material which equals glide and reduced shearing forces.
Cylindrical Slide Sheet
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Mobility FIM
User Physicality
Active alert and able to participate
Amputee above the knee
Asymmetrical body shapes
Double amputee
Extreme extensions
Good head control
Good head trunk and hip control
Limited body control
Limited head control
Limited head trunk and hip control
Limited mobility
Not suitable for poor skin integrity issues
Severely disabled
Some weight bearing ability
Compact = 70cm x 68cm
Universal = 85cm x 68cm
Wide = 120cm x 100cm
Standard = 122cm x 68cm
Long = 145cm x 68cm
XLong = 198cm x 68cm
Mobility FIM Measure
(Mobility FIM measure only - please see tab for further detail)
Available Material

Sliding a patient or manoeuvering a person of limited mobility up or across a bed is one of the most common patient-handling manoeuvers that caregivers/nurses/home-care undertake. Using a cylindrical sheet allows a caregiver to move the patient much more effectively.

In order to minimise injury to both caregiver and end user a slide sheet is used to help slide the end user up or across a surface. This reduces the risk of shearing to the end user’s skin as well as reducing the pushing/pulling activity for the caregiver, which could otherwise result in long term injury.

A slide sheet can also be used for assisting the insertion and retrieval of a sling and is an essential part of a caregiver’s or moving and handling specialist’s/trainer’s kit.

The cylindrical sheet is manufactured from a low friction material which provides gliding properties and reduced shearing forces.

Choosing the correct size of slide sheet is very important, the sheet should be big enough to encompass the end user’s entire body.

If you can’t find the correct size for your patient, then a flat sheet can be used instead, a bigger size must be used with two caregivers assisting with the manoeuvre.

Available in one material type:

Wash at 71°C
Do not tumble dry

Mobility FIM

Functional Independence Measure

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scale assesses physical and cognitive disability. This scale focuses on the burden of care – that is, the level of disability indicating the burden of caring for them.


1. Transfers: bed/chair/wheelchair 
2. Transfers: toilet
3. Transfers: bathtub/shower
4. Transfers: car
5. Locomotion: walking/wheelchair 
6. Locomotion: stairs
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