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Contract & Own Label Manufacturing

Contract/Tender Support

Silvalea pride themselves on providing innovative market-leading products at value price points. This ethos has enabled Silvalea to proactively seek and win contracts and tenders across the United Kingdom in a variety of healthcare settings including within NHS hospitals, care-home groups, independent hospital groups, community equipment loan stores, social services and mobility stores nationwide.

Providing a dedicated ‘contracts sling range’ we are able to provide a range of slings to suit the specific needs of each tender – allowing the healthcare facility to have confidence that they are stocking the right slings for their intended usage – saving time, money and improving safety for the end user.

Silvalea are continuing to develop our slings to enable an even more competitive edge with the introduction of service labels on every product (ensuring a quick visual for LOLER checking every six months), woven serial numbers to help traceability, woven labels will be introduced on each product ensuring a safe and legible label throughout the lifetime of the product and a range of on-site and web based training and support packages.

Alongside our ‘off-the-shelf’ contract slings, Silvalea offer a range of highly specialised and customised sling options and we are on hand to assist on every level with the patient handling experience. Our team of dedicated and highly trained sling assessors cover the UK supporting our tenders/contracts by offering hands on support with the most complex of cases, we feel this gives an added dimension to our sling contracts.

Silvalea has a vast number of slings in stock and hold in excess of 25,000 slings across a number of designs/sizes within our dedicated warehouse – this enables a quick turnaround of all ‘off-the-shelf’ products – alongside this we offer a contracts fast-track service free of charge guaranteeing your order for non-stock items no later than ten working days from date of order, with the vast majority of contract orders being delivered within just five days.

Silvalea are here to help you save time, money and improve patient safety so why not join our growing contract database and take advantage of all the benefits available to you by consolidating your supply chain and equipment purchasing with Silvalea. 

Own Label Manufacturing/OEM Supply Chain Support

With a proven track record in providing the highest quality workmanship, design innovation, and utilising latest technological advances in sling fabrics and providing a cost effective solution to your own label/OEM transfer sling requirements. These strengths enable Silvalea to provide a range of own label products worldwide, working with hoist manufacturers and large distribution chains to provide a dedicated supply chain for your specific needs.

Silvalea has an extensive research and development team, enabling us to take care of all your design needs – taking your vision from initial design through to final concept – including a range of testing protocols with the ability to discuss a range of manufacturing options either within the UK or Far East production routes depending on your specific preferences. We are able to offer a complete brand identity with OEM products – choosing colours, fabrics and label options that complement your existing brand image can play an enormous role in safeguarding your market share and creating true brand identity with your product portfolio. 

Silvalea is a renowned high-quality, high-volume manufacturer fulfilling our OEM customers strict demands on quality, timing and production in particular offering peace of mind for Far East production routes, each product is manufactured to the same high-specification attributed to our UK manufacturing base. This enables Silvalea to provide either a high volume or a low volume project depending on your specific needs, with the confidence that each product throughout our supply chain maintains the same level of quality supervision and control.

Providing firm agreements with strict protocols for protecting our combined intellectual property giving additional peace of mind when using Silvalea. You can be guaranteed when choosing Silvalea for your manufacturing needs, you will benefit from a high quality, well designed and cost effective product line helping you to secure a dedicated supply chain for your OEM requirements.

Gary - Sales Director


For further information on our production qualities, insurance cover and to discuss your supply chain requirements in more detail please contact our Sales Director: Gary Bevan on +44 (0)1626 331655 (ext 239)