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Silvalea won’t compromise on manufacturing and quality so why should you?

Silvalea won’t compromise on manufacturing and quality so why should you?

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Quality takes time.

Every Silvalea sling manufactured in the UK has been designed to the highest specification for comfort, dignity and safety of our end users.  Each sling is manufactured by our highly trained machinists and checked at every stage of construction to ensure safety, and product durability.

Other companies may offer a quick turn around on orders but Silvalea will never compromise on end user safety and comfort. Our testing, quality control and history of being the market leader in replacement slings can at times mean your bulk orders may take a few days longer, but you can be assured that Silvalea products are of the highest standard replacement slings currently available on the market. This is why Silvalea is the first choice for, healthcare advisors, OT’s and moving and handling advisors up and down the country.

Fast Track Service

Silvalea has a fast track option for those end users who require an immediate transfer solution. Such as patients who have been discharged early or have been taken into emergency residential -care or those users who have suffered a medical or healthcare emergency when, a standard stock sling solution is not an option.

Why do we do this and will it delay other orders in manufacturing?

Silvalea only ever accept fast track options on specialist replacement sling orders when there is a genuine need and we will only offer these production exceptions if we are able to provide first in class manufacturing without affecting or delaying our over all manufacturing process.

Is there a cost associated with this service?

Yes there is a minimal cost to providing this service, but we believe and stand firm that if there is a need for one of our specialist replacement slings, then we will do everything possible to provide the highest quality product in the shortest possible time to support our customers and their end users needs.


So why compromise on quality and safety, particularly if you don’t have to compromise on price?


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