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Silvalea ‘Teddy Sling’ developed to combat transfer anxiety in Paediatrics

Silvalea ‘Teddy Sling’ developed to combat transfer anxiety in Paediatrics

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Silvalea’s Paediatric Sling hailed as a unique innovation to combat transfer anxiety in children.


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The Silvalea Teddy Bear High Easy (full body) transfer sling is designed specifically for combating transfer anxiety. Being hoisted means a person has little or no control over their movement, end users may be confused by the sensation or suffer from feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. These feelings and sensations are often heightened in paediatric users particularly those children with autism or sensory defensiveness, brain injury, and vestibular impairment. The teddy sling answers the need to create a sling that could be used by OTs and caregivers to eliminate transfer anxiety in children.

Managing director and product designer Pauline Guilfoyle admitted to having developed a deeply personal relationship with this particular product innovation born from a real need to provide comfort to those users who are frightened and vulnerable.

“We have been working on and modifying this particular sling for sometime, our belief has always been to put end users at the centre of everything we do to provide the most dignified and comfortable transfer possible.

Paediatrics have always been a challenging area particularly for those children who suffer from associated anxieties. Providing a product which decreases distress in children on transfer has long been our aim.”

This sling allows the caregiver to introduce the detachable sling cover before transfer. The sling cover has been designed to incorporate soothing colours, soft tactile textures and a fun design to help establish a relationship of trust which leads to a more relaxed transfer. Creating a positive reaction from a negative or 'challenging behavioural' reaction and eliminating previous negative transfer associations/fears, such as pain, illness or just general distress/anxiety is possible. Transfer defensiveness in paediatrics can be significantly reduced and even eliminated using this type of sling.


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Pauline added “We have spoken to a lot of paediatric OTs throughout the UK and Europe who have had experience with children who cannot be transferred due to the adverse behavioural reaction to the sling. We wanted to be able to offer OTs, therapists, care givers and parents a simple mechanic to work with to be able to release these children by creating a calm transfer.”

Gary Bevan Silvalea’s Sales and Operations Director has reported that the teddy sling is already proving popular with specialist schools and children’s hospitals. “Silvalea has a strong tradition in producing products which are innovative, inclusive, and create independence for all our end users. The teddy sling personifies Silvalea’s core values which put our user’s wellbeing at the centre of all we do.”

The sling has been manufactured with a faux sheepskin which is soft, tactile and textured. The teddy bear is stitched onto a removable mesh sling cover. Allowing the OT to work with the child and bear cover without the encumbrance of the rest of the sling. The child can dress the sling with the teddy cover and the teddy cover can be played/interacted with to build positive associations.




The teddy sling is the first in a line of specialist paediatric slings created specifically for transfer anxiety and is based on a High Easy sling. The full body sling transfers in a slightly reclined position and is extremely comfortable and supportive, featuring additional padding on the leg sections. Divided full body easy to apply general transfer sling.