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TREAT-EEZI® Full length pressure ulcer mattress overlay 239.99 \In stock

TREAT-EEZI® Full length pressure ulcer mattress overlay

Full-length Treat-Eezi mattress overlay; a unique patient pending quadruple layer of fine polyester fibres.
TREAT-EEZI® Full length pressure ulcer mattress overlay
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Lift type - guide
Mobility FIM
Lift Type
Support Type
Torso (bed version only)
Upper thigh (bed version only)
User Physicality
Active alert and able to participate
Amputee above the knee
Asymmetrical body shapes
Double amputee
Limited head trunk and hip control
Limited mobility
Some weight bearing ability
Suitable for those with poor skin integrity
195cm x 90cm
Weight Limit
Mobility FIM Measure
(Mobility FIM measure only - please see tab for further detail)
Available Material

Full-length Treat-Eezi mattress overlay; a unique patent pending quadruple layer of fine polyester fibres. A proven alternative to alternating air mattress for a quarter of the price. The Treat Eezi overlay naturally and gently moves with the patient creating an almost ZERO chafing area allowing the patient a silent, comfortable sleep along with the assurance any ulcers present are given the best possible chance to breathe and heal.

This product requires no electricity, no pumps or any maintenance contracts. The Overlay can be washed to 80 degrees and bleached (but no fabric softeners).  

Available with a permeable wipe-able cover specifically for acute environments. The vapour permeable cover can be used for multi-patient and are particularly useful for situations where incontinency is an issue. Click here for cover product details.



- Assisted in the healing Stage 2, 3 & 4 Open Wounds within 4 weeks during several clinical trials.

- Pressure testing shows the Treat Eezi pad mapped at 28mmHg on a patient weighing 170lbs/12 stone/76 kilos with normal bone structure and in the supine position.

- A recent clinical study on 6 cases shows improved blood flow maintaining healthy tissue.

- Proven to reduce users temperature and has a cooling effect over and above other surfaces.

No pumps, no electricity nor power needed, no adjustments required.

Breathable, lightweight & hard wearing material guaranteed for 2 years. The internal Polyester fibres work in such a way to achieve minimal shearing. 

It can be frequently washed and bleached to avoid cross infection at 80 degrees.

- 4 layer overlay takes a weight bearing load of up to approximately 25 stone/159 kilos.

Pad resistant to abrasion.

Not suitable for pelvic obliquities or windswept hips when used in a seating position.

2 years manufacturing warranty from date of purchase.

Vapour Permeable covers available for multi-patient use or patients with incontinence issues.

Wash at 80°C
Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)

TREAT-EEZI® is a registered trademark of Dan Medica South Ltd

Lift type - guide

Lift Type: KEY

Active – end user is active and can participate in transfer

Passive Lift – end user can maintain passivity or has limited mobility

Extensive – end user has limited body control and/or suffers from extreme extensions

Mobility FIM

Functional Independence Measure

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scale assesses physical and cognitive disability. This scale focuses on the burden of care – that is, the level of disability indicating the burden of caring for them.


1. Transfers: bed/chair/wheelchair 
2. Transfers: toilet
3. Transfers: bathtub/shower
4. Transfers: car
5. Locomotion: walking/wheelchair 
6. Locomotion: stairs
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