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DebbonAir® Cushion


The DebbonAir pressure cushion is suitable for users who need to be seated for 12 plus hours each day

DebbonAir® Cushion
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Lift type - guide
Mobility FIM
Transfer Type
Lift Type
Support Type
Upper thigh
User Physicality
Active alert and able to participate
Amputee above the knee
Asymmetrical body shapes
Chronic pain
Double amputee
Good head trunk and hip control
Limited body control
Limited head trunk and hip control
Limited mobility
Severely disabled
Suitable for those with poor skin integrity
36cm x 40cm x 10cm
40cm x 40cm x 10cm
44cm x 40cm x 10cm
44cm x 48cm x 10cm
46cm x 46cm x 10cm
48cm x 48cm x 10cm
Weight Limit
Mobility FIM Measure
1 & 4
(Mobility FIM measure only - please see tab for further detail)
Available Material
Anti fungal & Anti bacterial PVC

The DebbonAir Dynamics pressure cushion is suitable for users who need to be seated for 12 plus hours each day who suffer with pressure sores. Each cell deforms and envelopes the user who can then sit securely for hours whilst the pressure is spread evenly over the entire surface of the cushion. Designed by Dan Medica South Ltd this product is currently the No. 1 bestseller of its kind throughout Europe.

Suitable for medium to high risk users. More stable, lasts longer and is easy to adjust. Reduces further necrosis of the skin.

Wipe clean with soapy solution
Wash at 60°C (must be placed inside 'pillowcase')
Do not tumble dry

DebbonAir Dynamics® is a registered trademark of Dan Medica South Ltd

Lift type - guide

Lift Type: KEY

Active – end user is active and can participate in transfer

Passive Lift – end user can maintain passivity or has limited mobility

Extensive – end user has limited body control and/or suffers from extreme extensions

Mobility FIM

Functional Independence Measure

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scale assesses physical and cognitive disability. This scale focuses on the burden of care – that is, the level of disability indicating the burden of caring for them.


1. Transfers: bed/chair/wheelchair 
2. Transfers: toilet
3. Transfers: bathtub/shower
4. Transfers: car
5. Locomotion: walking/wheelchair 
6. Locomotion: stairs
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