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Support, Advice, Information and Checklists for Equipment for Moving and Handling the Disabled

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The information included in this section has been created to help lend additional support, advice and information to help those involved in the safe moving and handling of disabled, chronically ill, or temporarily incapacitated individuals.

Whether you are a caregiver in the home, an experienced OT, a nurse, wound-care specialist or part of a residential care team, Silvalea seek to provide you with all of the information you need to choose the most suitable hoist sling for the end user and transfer scenario.

Always adhere and refer to government health and safety guidelines. The information given in these pages are just that, information to support end users and practitioners who use Silvalea equipment.

We have included helpful links to authority websites, PDFs and current legislation where appropriate. We hope you find this resource helpful and useful.

Silvalea offer sling use training in-house, off-site and live streamed as well as sling assessment support services for both private and public sectors. Please see our Silvalea Global training options (link).

Can’t find what you are looking for? Are you looking for information on a specific medical condition, scenario or environment that is not covered in these pages or detailed in the Silvalea product pages, features and benefits? Then please call us for further assistance and speak to one of Silvalea’s approved assessors and/or trainers.

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