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Patient Transfers and Transfer Aids

Safe Patient Handling with Transfer Aids

Ergonomic safe patient handling programmes have been developed in nursing homes, hospitals and schools for quite some time. Recognising the need to reduce musculoskeletal injuries among caregivers. Physical stresses/exertion involved in patient transfers, manual handling in professional care service providers and residential has caused a rising number of injuries among care practitioners.

Long-term cumulative physical effort of patient transfers, pulling, pushing, load bearing and manoeuvring can result in repetitive strain to acute effects resulting from accidents.

Providing patient transfer aids such as a slide sheet, turning disc, transfer board or stand assist products can reduce strain on caregivers and reduce end user risks.

Silvalea have developed a range of complementary products that can be used to reduce the risk of accident during transfer and will provide aid in sling positioning.

Silvalea has developed techniques for using various transfer aid products, alongside their sling ranges to aid patient positioning into a hoist sling.

The Silvalea Global Training program covers the use of both sling and hoist, but also the most appropriate use of transfer aid products to aid reduction of pulling, pushing and load bearing to position ready for lift transfer. 

Silvalea’s Global Trainers and assessors have worked with caregivers, nurses, occupational therapists and patient transfer specialists to provide comprehensive training in the use of Silvalea slings that include both non-complex and complex scenarios.

Each training programme takes into account the most appropriate positioning not just for the end user but also the practitioner carrying out the transfer. Body rotation, over stretching, and posture are important components for consideration when using any transfer product.

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