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Supporting Occupational Therapists

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Assisting OTs with Patient Assessments

Silvalea are always happy to assist OTs in assessments for equipment selection and to support OTs with individual assessments for the fitting of bespoke or speciality slings for specific conditions/scenarios. Please see details of our e-assessment service here.

As a group of professionals centred around helping people of all ages, physical conditions and degrees of mobility, OTs are constantly coming up with solutions that enable people to live the life they deserve and need with dignity, regardless of whether that life has been adapted to overcome specific challenges or scenarios.

Silvalea believe that they can support OTs further by providing them with ‘outside the box’ solutions, by working closely with them to produce the best possible adaptive products to improve quality of life.

‘The purpose of occupational therapy is to enable people to fulfill, or to work towards fulfilling, their potential as occupational beings. Occupational therapists promote function, quality of life and the realisation of potential in people who are experiencing occupational deprivation, imbalance or alienation. They believe that activity can be an effective medium for remediating dysfunction, facilitating adaptation and recreating identity.'

Silvalea work with a wide range of occupational therapists and believe that it is crucial to their continued success to include OTs in the development and design of their products.

The uniqueness of an OT’s professional contribution to the design, implementation and selection of moving and handling equipment has been universally acknowledged across the health care industry.

Occupational therapists, moving, handling and the mechanical transfer of patients go hand in hand. Enabling residential care, hospital, school and homecare to be safer through the provision of advice, guidance and support. Fully documenting recommendations given, recording assessments and conversations held with the end user/carer/family member provides transparency, information and evidence. Evidence and information helps provide preventative and specific advice for the future.

Silvalea are happy to support occupational therapists not only with assisted assessments utilising our network of distributor assessors but also with equipment and specialised patient transfer aids. If you are an occupational therapist and have a complex scenario that you would like to discuss please contact +44 (0)330 024 1045