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Information resource/guidelines for the use of slings, transfer aids, advice for assessment/appropriate selection of safe patient transfer equipment specific to hospital, residential and school.

Hospitals, nursing homes and schools often have very different needs for training and patient assessments when using slings and hoists within a professional environment.

Often an environment such as a hospital or nursing home may have a selection of patient transfer devices from several different manufacturers. These devices are often selected for a variety of reasons (nature of medical condition, transfer type and ease of use), clinical, economic evidence and injury risk assessment for the caregiver/nurses.


Other considerations will be environmental; specifically, acute care environments where combating cross infection is fundamental in protecting patients and medical staff alike. Universal disposable slings are designed to be patient specific during a hospital stay. Creating a line of disposable slings which fit the majority of hoists for short-term hospital visits meets a specific need not encountered in other professions.

Nursing Home

Nursing home needs have a very different criteria and often require a more specialised approach, additional support with training and assessment needs. Having supporting staff inadequately trained in patient transfer and assessment of sling application could be an area of high economic risk, which could be easily addressed with specific training with emphasis on safe elderly patient transfer.


Schools have very different requirements and needs for the transfer of special needs pupils. They may have staff unfamiliar with specific hoist operation, sling fitting or patient sling fitting, and little or no training in the safe dignified transfer of clients in situations which are deeply personal. Fitting patients correctly, understanding applications and not having any previous experience with complex transfer scenarios puts stress not just on teachers, caregivers and OTs but also on the pupils.

Providing Information Resources for all Clients

With all of this in mind and other unique medical and professional scenarios Silvalea have created an information resource which houses guidelines for the use of hoists, slings, transfer aids, advice for the assessment and appropriate selection of safe patient transfer equipment. One of the most important things to consider for all scenarios is not just the how, the type, the condition or the application but the correct positioning of the end user within the sling. If the end user is positioned correctly in the sling then the transfer will be that much easier whatever the environment.

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