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Homecare Transfer Product Support for Independent Living

Independent Living & Transfer Products | Silvalea Ltd

Silvalea design, manufacture and sell products which address the needs of those individuals who require support to transfer from either position or location due to mobility issues. Our products not only support the needs of institutions such as hospital, residential care and school but also address transfer needs within the home.

We understand the challenges faced by caregivers, end users and family which affect the well being of all. Silvalea products have been tested, created and supported by medical professionals who work within paediatrics, elderly care, bariatric, amputee and wound care. So that you are safe in the knowledge that your transfer product has been made to the highest specification possible.

We are happy to work with your OT or caregiver to help you select the most appropriate products for your homecare needs. We are happy to assist with live e-assesments so that you have as little disruption within the home as possible.

We offer seamless support and advise for yourself, your caregivers and your loved ones.

If you require assistance on products for homecare please cotact our support specialist Amanda Jenkins via email: amanda@silvalea.com