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Silva® Balance - Featured Product

Silva® Balance - Featured Product

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Ever met a client that has been affected by movement limitations whilst being hoisted?

As a care provider, do you feel that certain slings are too restraining for specific medical conditions?

Patient transfer can often feel restricted. Sometimes, this is vital for the safety of the user. In certain scenarios, if the client is very active, they may need to reposition the body due to hyperextensions and involuntary movements. This sling is also suitable for general transfers and offers very good femur support.

Do you feel that your current slings accommodate your client’s needs?

The Silva - Balance sling has been specifically manufactured with counterbalance straps to encourage freedom of movement whilst being hoisted.

This does not compromise patient security and/or safety as the sling is fully supportive, with divided legs. It benefits from a built in cushioned head support, and a waist support as standard. The main body of the sling is manufactured in Silva-Superfine® PLUS material, which is a high - performance fabric, with soft binding, offering superior comfort. It is compatible with loop fixing hoists only.

Would you like to hear more about this product or see it in action in our Global Training studio?

Please contact: sales@silvalea.com or CLICK HERE

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